This section has links which are relevant to what I’m interested in teaching or learning.

General links

 Dani Detammaeker, whose singing I used for the Fandango on the Balcony video. Dani is a highly skilled musician, dancer and dance teacher:

Steve Turner kindly let me use some unpublished recordings of his in making some of these videos. Steve doesn’t have his own website but you can find lots of recordings of his music on the Eelgrinders website:

Also, there is a new YouTube channel with are some lovely recordings of Helena Torpy and Steve playing together:

Ben Farmer, who kindly produced the recordings of fandango and arin arin that I used:

Koen Dhondt, a great dance teacher from Belgium, has produced several detailed online dance workshops in response to the lockdown situation, taught in English. If you like the dances that I teach, you will find his work well planned, thorough and very rewarding.  Koen can be contacted about accessing the recordings via:

Suggestions for other links to be included on this page are welcome.